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What we believe

"No one shall be subjected to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment." - Article 5, Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Citizens Committee on Human Rights, NSW, Australia (CCHR NSW) is a non-profit, public benefit organisation dedicated to investigating and exposing psychiatric violations of human rights.

CCHR NSW is a local chapter of the international organisation Citizens Committee on Human Rights. If you or someone you know has been abused by psychiatry, contact CCHR NSW by clicking here. We will take action.

CCHR NSW would like people who have experienced and suffered from side-effects to drugs that they should report these adverse effects to the Therapeutic Goods Administration's Australian Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting System. You can do this by phoning the Consumer Adverse Medications Events Line: 1300 134 237 or logging on to the website at www.tga.gov.au/about/forms.htm#problem/ and completing the form. Alternatively your doctor or pharmacist may make the report for you.

CCHR was co-founded in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus Dr. Thomas Szasz at a time when patients were being warehoused in institutions and stripped of all constitutional, civil and human rights.

Drug Alternatives

  1. Where can people get help if they are on psychiatric drugs and want to get off them?
  2. Where can people get help who are experiencing emotional difficulties that doesn't involve psych diagnoses or drugs?

http://www.cchrint.org/alternatives/  lists health care practitioners, drug information, and legal resources for the public to be able to make educated decisions.


Psychiatric Drug Side Effects Search Engine


CCHR NSW would appreciate any donation to help us investigate and expose psychiatric violations of human rights

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