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What Do You Do If A Mentally Ill Person Is Violent?

The person who is violent or threatens violence must never be "treated" by psychiatrists. If a person commits a dangerous offense, criminal statutes exist to address this.

Dr. Thomas Szasz, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, says: "All criminal behaviour should be controlled by means of criminal law, from the administration of which psychiatrists ought to be excluded."

Studies demonstrate that psychiatric predictions of dangerousness are no better than flipping a coin. Psychiatrists cannot "cure" what is essentially criminal or anti-social conduct.

The foundation of justice is based on the idea that each man is accountable for his actions. But each year thousands of criminals are excused of the most heinous crimes based on psychiatric testimony in courts. This undermines a key tool that society uses to protect itself from violent crime.

 If someone is violent or breaks the law, he or she should be dealt with the way all people are who do such things. We don't need psychiatrists for that.

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