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What Does CCHR Do?

Thousands of individuals contact CCHR each year to report psychiatric abuse and criminality, such as false imprisonment, hospital fraud, sexual abuse and inhumane treatment and conditions in psychiatric institutions. CCHR documents this and helps the abused individual file criminal or other complaints with the proper authorities.

It also conducts investigations in wider psychiatric issues, such as insurance fraud, high death rates reported in institutions, or the fraudulent labeling of children as "mentally disordered" and drugging millions.

Over a decade, CCHR's investigations led to the prosecution of over a thousand psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health workers. This has prompted legislators and insurance companies to withdraw funding to criminal psychiatric practices, and to pass laws to protect individuals from them.

Through CCHR's achievements, thousands of psychiatric victims have been rescued, patients have regained legal and civil rights, mental health acts have outlawed the arbitrary use of electroshock and psychosurgery and banned these savage practices on children, and legislation has been enacted to ensure psychiatric rape of patients is dealt with as a criminal offense.

Many hundreds of survivors of psychiatric treatment have been compensated tens of millions of dollars for the damage they have suffered.

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