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Is CCHR Part Of The Church Of Scientology?

CCHR is an independent organisation. It comprises members of the Church of Scientology and many other people of various denominations, faiths and cultural beliefs. Scientologists are not unique in their view that psychiatry is harmful. People from all walks of life are concerned about the destructive impact of psychiatry on society. They work with CCHR to do something effective about it.

CCHR's Board of Advisors - called "Commissioners" — include prominent doctors, lawyers, artists, educators, businessmen, civil and human rights representatives and professionals who see it as their duty to "expose and help abolish any and all physically damaging practices in the field of mental health."

 We are proud to have been founded by the Church of Scientology, which has a long and impressive history of human rights achievements. CCHR members work closely with Church members on social reform issues and consult with the Church's social reform or human rights departments. 

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