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Why Is The Church Of Scientology Opposed To Psychiatry?

When the Church of Scientology established CCHR in 1969, victims of psychiatry had no rights and needed a voice. "Treatment" was brutal, its only purpose to create compliant patients. Patients were subjected to punitive electroshock - without anesthetic as punishment for "bad" behaviour.

Using lobotomies and other psychosurgical procedures, psychiatrists destroyed patients' brains with callous disregard. Those under psychiatric "care" were mercilessly experimented upon with therapeutically unproven mind-altering drugs.

The founder of Scientology, Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, was the first to confront these desperate acts by psychiatrists. From the late 1940s, Mr. Hubbard saw psychiatry's reckless abuse of the individual and its incompetence.

Later, he wrote: "The Church of Scientology will not recommend or condone political mental treatment such as electric shocks and condemns utterly the fascist approach to 'mental health' by extermination of the insane."

CCHR was formed to investigate and expose psychiatric violations of human rights and to clean up the field of mental healing.

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