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Why Should Electroshock Treatment (ECT) Be Banned?

Very simply, electroshock destroys minds and can kill. Touted by psychiatrists as "scientific" and "therapeutic", ECT is as sophisticated and beneficial as hitting someone over the head with a sledgehammer. It consists of searing the brain with 180 to 460 volts of electricity. This causes a severe convulsion or a grand mal seizure identical to an epileptic fit.

Women and the elderly, in particular, are psychiatry's principal targets. The death rate among the elderly from ECT is about one (1) in every two hundred (200). A 1993 Texas government report found that one (1) in one hundred ninety seven (197) patients died within two (2) weeks of receiving this "treatment".

Other studies document that electroshock inflicts irreversible brain damage, memory loss and a deterioration of intellectual ability.

Electroshock also has a sordid history as a weapon of torture and mind control.

When you deal with vulnerable people who are in desperate need of help, using ECT is not only betrayal, it is criminal assault. Electroshock should not be available as a choice, just as Thalidomide is not available to pregnant women.

 Psychiatrists who administer it for a living have a financial incentive to lie about its effects - in the United States alone it is a $3 billion-a-year industry. It takes government action to safeguard its citizens by outlawing ECT.

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