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Aren't Drug Companies To Blame?

Psychiatry's ability to convince drug companies and governments to pour billions of dollars into its practices is based upon fraudulent "diagnostic" criteria. Psychiatrists package various behavior and emotional characteristics and falsely categorise these as a "disease" or "disorder". There isn't a single aspect of behavior that doesn't fall within the broad "symptoms" which comprise so-called "mental illness".

Psychiatry has literally covered every base with invented criteria. The migraine sufferer has a "pain disorder", the child who fidgets or is overzealous at play is "hyperactive", the person who gives up smoking or drinking coffee has a "nicotine disorder" or suffers "caffeine intoxication". If you stutter, it's a mental illness. If you have a low math score, it's "developmental arithmetic disorder". If a teenager argues with his parents it's "oppositional defiance disorder".

 These labels drum up business for psychiatrists. Drugs are produced to meet the psychiatrists' demand. Without fraudulent diagnoses, we would not be witnessing the prescribed drug problem we experience today. 

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